My name is Seán
I’m a Filmmaker.

With over five years of videography experience, I have had the privilege in collaborating with a variety of groups, from local activists to international organisations. My journey, influenced by my upbringing in foster care, has honed my focus on telling the stories of often marginalised communities. This experience has been instrumental in shaping my approach to capture authentic narratives and vibrant atmospheres, using my camera as a tool for social advocacy and genuine storytelling.

Working with Seán was an enjoyable, professional and extremely creative process. Capturing the atmosphere of a 300+ pupil school in a 2 minute video was effortless and he even had time to build a rapport with the kids, taking time to show them all of his gadgets, cameras and drones. His communication was excellent throughout the process and his creativity unquestionable. I couldn’t recommend him enough for any educational institute looking for a PR exercise where the kids will gain as much as the school.

Brian Hennessy

Assistant Principal 1 Scoil Íosagáin Farranree Cork
Seán is a pleasure to deal with and his work is of the highest quality. He has an exceptional ability to capture the spirit and atmosphere of events in a dynamic and energetic way. He has excellent communication skills, friendly disposition, an enthusiastic approach and delivers as promised every time, in our experience. He has a creative way of compiling all kinds of material and a strong sense of what makes good content, audio, video or photography. We are delighted to recommend him to other youth groups, schools or organisations.

Claire Layton

Music Generation Cork City
Seán Downey is an exceptionally creative up and coming film-maker, who we have been lucky to work with many times over the past few years. His ability to collaborate and communicate with children, teens and adults is rare and incredibly useful while capturing special moments. His friendliness is infection, and his artistic interest and energy enables him quickly deliver brilliant audio, video and photographic content.

Jessie Cawley

Creative Tradition
Having witnessed Seán work with teenagers I teach in an after-school rock/pop project for Music Generation Cork City's 10 year anniversary project and seeing how he masterfully created an atmosphere of fun balanced with a strong sense of work ethic, instilling confidence in the young people while gently encouraging an air of professionalism from them, I will always want to work with Seán for my music education media! They young people got so much from it. He has worked with me since on a beautiful piece showcasing inclusivity and friendships through music, which demanded a really sensitive approach and adaptable attitude, where yet again Seán delivered not just a gorgeous experience for the children but a stunning end product which gained a lot of traction online and spread awareness around what we do in the wider community. I cannot recommend him enough; not only are you getting a beautifully shot and edited end product, but the immersive, quality experience the young people get is worth everything.

Clodagh Kearney

Music Generation Cork City